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Arizona Women Lawyers Association promotes and encourages the success of women lawyers throughout Arizona by providing members with information and support, fostering connections among women lawyers, and monitoring and celebrating the successes of our members.  AWLA’s operations and statewide programs are administered by its Board of Directors, while local programs are overseen by the Steering Committees of its three regional chapters.

To access a copy of our bylaws, click here: AWLA BYLAWS


I welcome all new and returning members to AWLA.  My goal as President is to build on AWLA’s programs as an advocate for women lawyers, both professionally and in our communities, and to promote the accomplishments of AWLA and our individual members throughout the State of Arizona.

Our successful 2014 convention on leadership strategies and skills demonstrated an appetite for identifying and enhancing your personal strengths. To that end, we will be posting the convention materials on the AWLA website for all members to access. Our monthly luncheons will include speakers on these topics. Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages will post relevant articles. I encourage you to join in the discussion of these posts, adding your personal experiences and advice. 

If you haven’t yet joined the AWLA Facebook and LinkedIn pages, please do so. We plan to use these channels to keep you informed about AWLA activities as well as issues related to women lawyers. 

To read the rest of Lisa's message, click here: AWLA President's Message Continued



36th AWLA Annual Convention

“Embracing and Driving Change”


Friday, November 13, 2015

10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Desert Willow Conference Center

Phoenix, Arizona


Please mark your calendars now to join us for an interactive and

inspiring series of speakers and workshops designed to empower 

you to achieve your goals in your professional and personal life.


Watch for more details in coming weeks.


For more information or to volunteer to help make the 

36th AWLA Convention a success, please contact

Laura Zeman-Mullen at


July 30 - Maricopa Event - Summer Break Happy Hour - 7/30/2015