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P.O. Box 676 
Gilbert, AZ 85299

Telephone: 602.218.5273

Fax: 602.476.1968


For more information about our organization on how to become an AWLA member please email:  


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Arizona Women Lawyers Association promotes and encourages the success of women lawyers by providing members with information and support, by fostering connections among women lawyers, and by monitoring and celebrating the successes of members and women lawyers at large in our community.


AWLA promotes and encourages the success of women lawyers throughout the State of Arizona.  Its overall operations and statewide programs are administered by its Board of Directors, while local programs are overseen by the Steering Committees of its three regional chapters.

The Arizona Women Lawyers Association is governed by the State Board of Directors and is comprised of Chapters by region. Currently, there are three chapters, Maricopa, Southern Arizona and Northern Arizona.
To access a copy of our bylaws, click here: AWLA BYLAWS



I welcome all new and returning members to AWLA.  My goal as President is to build on AWLA’s programs as an advocate for women lawyers, both professionally and in our communities, and to promote the accomplishments of AWLA and our individual members throughout the State of Arizona.

Our successful 2014 convention on leadership strategies and skills demonstrated an appetite for identifying and enhancing your personal strengths. To that end, we will be posting the convention materials on the AWLA website for all members to access. Our monthly luncheons will include speakers on these topics. Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages will post relevant articles. I encourage you to join in the discussion of these posts, adding your personal experiences and advice. 

If you haven’t yet joined the AWLA Facebook and LinkedIn pages, please do so. We plan to use these channels to keep you informed about AWLA activities as well as issues related to women lawyers. 

We are in the process of upgrading the AWLA website. To facilitate communications and referrals, I urge you to update your membership profile and please include a photograph. With the upgrade of the website, we will have additional email templates available and plan to develop new email formats adapted to each chapter’s needs. 

As part of the website upgrade, we will refresh the content describing our programs and activities.  This has prompted our program committees to think about their purpose and effectiveness and we welcome you to join in that process.

AWLA has long supported judicial diversity through its leadership opportunities, mock interviews and endorsements.  We plan to take a more active role, initially by compiling additional materials available on our website to guide AWLA members considering the bench and ultimately by expanding our judicial endorsement policy.  We welcome your assistance with this program; contact Brooke Gaunt [], Committee Chair.

AWLA wants to facilitate opportunities for you to apply and hone your leadership skills with volunteer organizations or task forces.  The Maricopa chapter has compiled a catalog of leadership opportunities that is available on the AWLA website, and Southern Arizona is in the process of developing its catalog.  We want to use social media to post new volunteer or task force opportunities; if you are aware of a position, please post to the AWLA Facebook or LinkedIn page.  To volunteer on this committee,contact Cynthia King [], Committee Chair.

The Gender Equity Committee of AWLA continues to address a wide range of issues, including equal pay for equal work and family-friendly policies.  We welcome your posts and discussions on these issues as we set an agenda for this year’s activities.  To volunteer, contact Lisa Deane [], Committee Chair.

As of December 31st, AWLA had 752 members, a net 10% gain over 2013.  We have set a 10% goal again for this year. We will be printing a new brochure that highlights the benefits of our organization.  We will be revising the membership application process. With increased membership, we need additional members to sign up for our “Amiga” program that pairs a new member with an active member to encourage participation and provide introductions.  We are committed to revitalizing the Northern Arizona chapter and are looking for members who want to serve in a leadership capacity for that chapter. We would love to start a Yuma chapter and a White Mountains chapter.


To volunteer on the membership committee, contact Carrie Rednour[], Committee Chair. If you want to be an Amiga, in Maricopa contact AnnieLaurie Van Wie [], Maricopa or Alex Anemone [], and in Southern Arizona Deanna Conn []. If you are interested in being a leader of the Northern Arizona chapter, or in forming a Yuma or White Mountains chapter, contact Lisa Bossard Funk []

Each year we honor a member during the SBA convention at the Mary Anne Richey Breakfast; this year on Friday, June 26th – plan to attend as we honor Judge Donn Kessler.  We also invite you to attend the Past Presidents Reception on Thursday, June 25th (location TBD).  To assist with the MARS breakfast or the reception (or if you would like to volunteer your house for the reception), contact Carrie Rednour [].

Our annual convention is traditionally held on the first Friday in November, which this year is November 6th.  To volunteer on the convention committee, contact Laura Zeman-Mullen []. 

Our motto this year is: “Join AWLA and meet dynamic lawyers and law students who support the success of women in the law and who will inspire and encourage you.”  I look forward to meeting more of you this year and your ongoing inspiration and encouragement.

If you have questions or suggestions for other state-wide programs, feel free to contact me at