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Susan Salmon - 2017 PRESIDENT 


I’m honored to serve as President of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Arizona Women Lawyers Association. As I stand here, I am keenly aware that I walk in the footsteps of a series of incredibly impressive women, many of whom sit in this room today –Ann Lyons-Cabrera, Elizabeth Fella, Carolyn Nedder, Deanna Conn, Ana Perez-Arrieta, Veronique Pardee, Merle Turchik, Carrie Rednour, Ronna Fickbohm, Anne Graham-Bergin, Megan Miller, Dee-Dee Samet, and today’s honoree Jean Gage. And I know that many future presidents sit in the audience today as well.


I’m also keenly aware that I am here today—like I’m sure most of you are--because another woman or women invited me to join AWLA and to become more involved. And that’s part of what I want to spend my few minutes up here talking to you about today.


Look, there’s no question that there has been great news for women in the law over the sixteen years I’ve been practicing. We have three female justices on the US Supreme Court. That’s fabulous. What’s not so fabulous? Only 18-20% of the attorneys arguing before those three justices are women. 

Women have made a lot of progress in the legal profession over the last fifty years. But over the last twenty years, that progress has slowed to a trickle. Although women have made up more than 40% of law-school graduates since the mid-1980s, women make up a mere 16.8% of equity partners in law firms (that’s only up a little over a percentage point since 2000). Now that’s troubling, but here’s what troubles me more: where women do attain equity partnership, they earn 32% of what their male counterparts earn, despite billing comparable hours and generating comparable business. Firms not infrequently give male attorneys origination credit for business that was actually brought in, at least in part but sometimes entirely, by women. And, in defiance of their own economic self-interest, on average, firms bill out their female attorneys’ work at an average of $47 per hour less than they do that of a male attorney of equivalent skill and seniority. Unsurprisingly, in a recent survey by the National Association of Women Lawyers, a significant majority of firms refused to report compensation by gender.

This excerpt is from Susan Salmon's 2016 Holiday Luncheon Speech.  To read the rest of this message, please click on the button.

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     2017   Susan Salmon
                           2016   Ann Lyons-Cabrera

   2015   Elizabeth Fella

     2014   Carolyn M. Nedder

     2013   Traci M. Smith

       2012   Deanna Conn      

       2011   Abbe Goncharsky          

       2010   Ana Perez-Arrieta 

     2009   Carrie L. Rednour 

                           2008   Katherine M. Brauer

                           2007   Veronique Pardee

                           2006   Merle Joy Turchik

                           2005   Terri A. Roberts

                           2004   Ronna L. Fickbohm

                           2003   Julia K. Connors

                           2002   Jill D. Winans

                           2001   Catherine M. Woods

                           2000   Kristine M. Fox

                           1999   Elizabeth Bushell

                           1998   Anne C. Graham-Bergin

                           1997   Paula Nailon

                           1996   Constance Trecartin

                           1995   Megan E. Miller

                           1994   Virginia C. Kelly

                           1993   Ann Jordan Remers

                           1992   Dee-Dee Samet

                           1991   Gwen Gorbette

                           1990   Jean K. Gage

                           1989   Denice R. Shepherd

                           1988   Eleanor ter Herst

                           1987   Marianne Poston

                           1986   Eve Schocket

                           1985   Judy Drickey-Prohow

                           1984   Mary Mangotich

                           1983   Grace McIlvain

                           1982   Laurel B. Sammons

                           1981   Laurel B. Sammons

                           1980   Doris F. Mindell



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